The beneficiaries of The Giving Circle are social purpose organisations working toward solving a variety of social challenges. 

Every year, The Giving Circle of Amsterdam invites 12 applicants to present their social purpose organizations at our group meetings.  The scope, which is member driven, is broad; from local and international, and from education to healthcare. Ideally a representative from the organisation is based locally so they can present in person to The Giving Circle.

Past Grantees

We are very happy to have supported the following organizations:


Organic Cotton Accelerator

Young Peace Initiative



Organic cotton accelerator is committed to growing a prosperous organic cotton sector in India by investing in tackling challenges in the industry.

The giving circle grant will be used to support the Seeding the Green Future program, specifically the publication and translation of the Organic Cotton Breeding Manual.

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The young peace initiative works to give youth in conflict areas such as Israel and Palestine a chance to participate in the peace process.

The grant provided by the giving circle will be used to create and facilitate multiple youth outreach activities to encourage dialogue among young people from conflict countries and within the Netherlands and to professionalize the organization.

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Our project Jong+Oud=Goud (Young+Old=Gold), connects students to elderly for one year. The student visits the senior at least 6 hours per month. Together they work on goals to increase the self-reliance and social network of the senior.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to improve the software system which matches our volunteers to the elderly.

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Human AId Now delivers basic needs, products and services to refugees in transit through Europe in the most humane, respectful and sustainable way possible. We define basic needs as food, shelter, clothing, safety, healthcare and information. We specialize in intervening quickly and efficiently in times of crisis.

The Giving Cirlce grant supports the team of medical “heroes” on the Greek island of Samos who provide the only free medical service on the island.

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Sea Ranger Service trains unemployed youth, with the help of navy veterans, as Sea Rangers and deploy custom-built Sea Ranger ships to manage and regenerate areas of rich biodiversity in the world’s oceans.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to purchase necessary safety equipment and sea charts for the Sea Ranger vessel based in Den Helder.

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Buzz India aims to help disadvantaged women become financially independent and secure by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools. The Buzz India buses travels to these women in low income Karnataka, and trains them on their doorstep in the basics of financial management, how to start a new business and how to increase income. These financial, business and leadership skills will help these women break away from the cycle of poverty.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to strengthen the 'Gelathi' programme; this programme connects trained women with local community leaders to help them sustain and further develop their skills

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Young Africa empowers underprivileged youth through skills training for employability and entrepreneurship. They are taught manual skills to make them self-reliant; skills of heart and mind to live with dignity and responsibility; and skills of the soul to live with purpose.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to set up the third (of five) vocational training departments in Gaborone, Botswana. After ICT and Catering the focus now lies to developing a Traditional Arts & Crafts Department that will train 40 vulnerable young people per year for employability & entrepreneurship.

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Ik Stap Vooruit aims to create opportunities for the slight mentally impaired youth and young adults, enhancing their social acceptance by others. Through their specialised workshops encompassing leisure, art and cultural activities they provide a safe haven for those mentally impaired, and trigger the group to believe in themselves by discovering their own unique talent.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to fund the before and after care of the 12 week project for 20 participants. That way the organisation can stay in contact for longer, and guide them where needed, increasing the effectiveness of the project.

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natuurwijs 2017.jpg

Stichting NatuurWijs brings children into contact with nature. This follows the belief that if children feel connected to nature, they will develop into better world citizens who take responsibility for their fellow human beings and for their natural environment. This lays the foundation for a sustainable society. NatuurWijs provides a 3 day program in nature which encourages the children to (re-)connect to nature, to discover natural wonders, to experience nature in their own way and at their own pace.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to fund the project for children who grow up in the poorer neighborhoods of the major- and middle-sized cities

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female cancer foundation.png

The Female Cancer Foundation strives for a world without cervical cancer through screening, treatment (using a simple and cheap See & Treat method), research and education. The ‘Train the Trainer’ principle ensures that local healthcare workers gain the knowledge and the experience which they can then, in turn, share with their local communities. The foundation never stays longer than 3 to 5 years in a local community.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to fund the 'Midwives on a Mission' project in Nepal launched in 2016.

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Vogelbescherming Nederland has a mission is to defend and protect wild birds and their habitats, in The Netherlands and in the rest of the world, together with people who care for and want to help protect birds and the environment. The organisation contributes to the preservation of nature and aims to maintain a healthy world – for birds as well as people.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to fund the project ‘Regreening Mauritania, for people and birds’ in the area of Lac du Mâl in Mauritania. Together with local BirdLife Partner the projects aims to improve the livelihoods of local people and at the same time protect the declining populations of landbirds.

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max foundation1.png

The Max Foundation aims to reduce child mortality. The mission is to do this in the most efficient and effective way. Since 2005 the Max Foundation has been saving childrens' lives in Bangladesh by implementing child health programs based on safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. The aim is to have reached 1.6 million people by the end of 2016 with our Max Value for WASH projects.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to provide 7 villages in southern Bangladesh (±10,000 people) with safe water, sanitation and hygiene combined with education on nutrition and safe motherhood.

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imc weekend school.png

IMC Weekend School, founded in 1998, introduces children aged 10 to 14 from disadvantaged neighborhoods and often of migration background to the world of work through passionate professionals acting as volunteers. The goals of the program are to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and audacity that are needed to find a place in society that matches their capacities. The 10 Dutch branches have 1,100 students.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to support the weekend school located in Amsterdam West where 110 pupils attend weekend school courses every Sunday.

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the chairmen at work.png

Chairman at Work aims to help people who are visually impaired out of a social welfare payment situation. They are coached and trained to be professional chair masseurs who are hired by corporations who offer this benefit (massages) to their employees. As a result the masseurs step outside of their every day lives and find more satisfaction and success both financially and socially.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to professionalize their website, invest in PR and marketing to further increase their customer base.

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mode met een missie.png

Mode met een Missie helps unemployed women back into the workplace by teaching them how to design and create fashion. The women work together with young Dutch designers in the ateliers, and the clothes are then sold in shops throughout The Netherlands. As a result, the women are empowered to undertake new steps such as a course, traineeship or job.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to expand their model to also include a craft center. There young unemployed women learn how to make hand-made jewelry and accessories which they can then exhibit and sell.

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african clean energy.png

2-3 billion people worldwide still cook on open fires resulting in over 4 million deaths related to cooking smoke inhalation. African Clean Energy’s mission is to enable clean cooking and sustainable energy for all. African Clean Energy manufactures and distributes clean cookstoves to both rural and urban areas in Africa.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to set up a revolving credit account available to women groups so they can purchase stoves through micro-financing credit contracts.

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World Reader is on a mission to bring books to every child and her family, so that they can improve their lives. There are 250 million children who lack basic reading and writing skills - books are necessary for the development of these skills. World Readers installs e-readers and learning programs to bring thousands of locally relevant books to children and communities who have few or no books at all.

The Giving Circle grant will be used to give a 'Blue Box' to the St. Theresa Girls School in Ghana. The Blue Box consists of 50 e-readers each with 100 e-books and comes equipped with all the necessary supplies and technical support to to sustain a successful e- reading initiative.

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Humana aims to help people become self-reliant. Humana provides vocational training in DRCongo, Malawi and Angola which is primarily funded through the collection, sorting and reselling of second-hand clothing in The Netherlands. This in turn provides jobs for those challenged in the Dutch workplace, so that they too get a chance to become self-reliant.

The Giving Circle grant will be invested in a vocational training in tailoring for disenfranchised young women in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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stichting vooruit.png

VoorUit uses education to improve the integration of various ethnic groups in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Amsterdam. Students receive free housing in exchange for organizing social activities for disadvantaged children in the neighborhoods in which they live. These activities aim to enhance the learning skills of the participants, while developing the students’ own skillset.

The Giving Circle grant will be used for support staff salary and expansion of program to the North of Amsterdam.

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the achivers.png

The Achievers in Ghana supports girls in slum communities to attend school. Currently over 150 girls are supported in their education. The Achievers also run skills training programs and raise awareness of the issues faced by girls; working with parents to help prevent abuse, sexual exploitation and especially forced marriage.

The Giving Circle grant will enable 50 girls to attend school for two years.

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I-India runs 16 street and community centers for the street children of Jaipur, India who do not have access to formal schooling. I-India set up the Shower Bus to reach more children at remote locations in Jaipur. The Shower Bus provides the children there with an on the spot shower, clean water to drink and most importantly hygiene education. A total of 1500 children are reached twice a week, providing much needed health improvement.

The Giving Circle grant will go towards the ongoing operation of Shower Bus projects.

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